Breakout Topics

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#1 | Worship – Gospel Infused Gatherings that Transform

No one would argue that gospel-centred churches must be driven along by gospel-centred proclamation, however, far too many leaders overlook the necessity and the power of gospel-centred liturgy that lifts-up, exalts, and magnifies Jesus’ gospel message in every aspect of the gathering of God’s people. Far more than being the “warm-up” for the “real meal” of preaching, a gospel infused liturgy declares the glories of the gospel in word and in song. Great “worship” is far more than great music. Oh how we need to encounter the living God every time we gather as His people under the banner of the cross!

  • SESSION 1 – Worship isn’t worship without Jesus (Are we worshiping worship?)

    Are we enamoured by Jesus in our Sunday gatherings or have, “The roots of our hearts HAVE grown down into things, and we dare not pull up one rootlet lest we die? Have things become necessary to us? This is a development never originally intended. The gifts now take the place of God, and the whole course of nature is upset by the monstrous substitution.” (A.W. Tozer paraphrased) God has richly blessed us with many gifts! Have those things/gifts become more important to us than Christ? Do they define us? if they were all taken away tomorrow could we still worship Jesus?

  • SESSION 2 – Focus on the Treasure (Creating a banquet Feast)

    We wander, we drift. It’s what we do best. We quickly forget the good news of Jesus. Our Sunday gatherings were meant to be a time where the drifter, the wanderer, the hopeless find hope as they see Jesus afresh in the songs we sing, the prayers we pray, the scriptures we read. Our people have been busy all week taking ten looks at themselves for every one like at Christ. How can I best help them remember who Jesus is and what Jesus has done, so that they might once again feast on Christ?

  • SESSION 3 – Panel (Q&A, questions texted in during the conference)

    Over the course of the conference you’ll be invited to text in any questions you might have regarding gospel liturgy. The panel will be made up of men and women who are actively engaged in their local church and serving specifically in corporate worship. We'll try to answer as many questions as possible. Our hope is that we will all glean much during this time.

  • Presenters include: Pat Sczebel, Brittney Dagneau & Marc Willerton

#2 | Re-Imagining Evangelism

There was a day in Canadian history when church attendance was higher per capita than churches south of the border, but those days are long gone! We live in the age of the “nones” and the “dones” and recent research indicates that evangelistic growth accounts for just 2% of the growth we see in evangelical churches! How can we mobilize the sleeping giant of the Canadian church, re-capture a heart for the millions of lost people who call Canada home, and re-imagine evangelism for our post-Christendom world?

  • SESSION 1 – “Toto, I don’t think we’re in Steinbach anymore.”

    The Canadian landscape is changing. We are facing an adaptive challenge. How might we respond to this? How can we engage in faithful and fruitful evangelism in our shifting context?

    Bill Hogg will be exegeting Canadian culture, sharing stories of where God is at work in the new Canada, and inviting you to dream about gospel transformation.

  • SESSION 2 – Leadership Lessons from South of the 49th Parallel and Beyond

    John Maxwell famously asserted, “Everything stands or falls on leadership. Everything.” This might be hyperbole, but your leadership counts! Come and join church planting and evangelism guru, Ed Stetzer, to glean wisdom and best practices on how to lead the way in evangelism in your local church and local context.

  • SESSION 3 – Creating a Culture of Evangelism

    How can we turn up the evangelism temperature in our congregations? How can we cultivate gospel ecosystems where the people of God are equipped and released to share their stories and share the gospel? Is it possible to create a culture of “come and see” and “go and tell”? Come and glean wisdom from Shaila Visser and Stephen Mulder.

Presenters include: Bill Hogg, Ed Stetzer, Shaila Visser & Stephen Mulder

#3 | Multiplying Churches

Multiplying disciples results in the need for multiplying small groups, congregations, and ultimately multiplying churches. Moving the Canadian church beyond the posture of “turf-protection” and individualized church growth into a multiplying mindset is a challenge that outward-facing leaders must embrace. In these sessions you will gain inspiration and practical advice on building a multiplying culture in your congregation. What might God do through the 11,000 self-declared evangelical churches in Canada if everyone were to adopt a multiplying vision?

  • SESSION – Churches that Grow by Sending Their Best

  • SESSION – Multisite, Re-planting, Bringing New Life to Declining Congregations

  • SESSION – Lessons From the Front-lines of Multi-site Churches – What Have You Learned

  • Presenters to be announced

#4 | First Nations Ministry

First Nations, Metis, & Inuit peoples represent 4% of the Canadian population, living in 634 communities from sea to sea to sea, from 50 distinct nations, with diaspora peoples in nearly every village, town and urban centre across this nation. The history of failed evangelism and culturally destructive colonialism is a heritage the church must face as we seek reconciliation and renewed engagement with Canada’s First Peoples. There are however many encouraging signs of spiritual engagement and renewed interest in the Gospel in many First Nations communities; doors are opening again. As evangelicals, we cannot imagine renewal and revival in Canada that does not include, and perhaps even being led by, our First Nations’ brothers and sisters.

  • SESSION 1 – Blanket Exercise

    The Blanket Exercise is an interactive ceremony where we learn about the history of Canada and our indigenous people through the story of when the Europeans came to Turtle Island until now.

  • SESSION 2 – Listening Circle

    Listening Circle is the time to reflect on the feelings that the Blanket Exercise has brought forward. It is also an opportunity to share what’s going on in your heart, what’s going on in your life, and what the future of our country may look like.

  • SESSION 3 – Christ and Culture

    How can we best express the gospel of Jesus in the heart language and culture of the people groups, Nations, and ethnic communities that dot this great land?"

  • Presenters include: Paul Winter, Derek Parenteau & John Johnstone

#5 | Church-Planting Churches

There was a day in Canadian history when church attendance was higher per capita than churches south of the border, but those days are long gone! We live in the age of the “nones” and the “dones” and recent research indicates that evangelistic growth accounts for just 2% of the growth we see in evangelical churches! How can we mobilize the sleeping giant of the Canadian church, re-capture a heart for the millions of lost people who call Canada home, and re-imagine evangelism for our post-Christendom world?

  • SESSION 1 – Planting Small – Can Small Churches Multiply?

    “We will be ready to plant a church when we have 100, 200, 300, more people… when we pay down our debt….when we get through the building campaign…” We have all heard these reasons to delay the planting dream, but there are churches in Canada that are “bucking the trend” that says only large churches can multiply! The presenters for this session all lead churches that would not be considered “large” on the national scale, but have successfully planted daughter congregations and are seeking for greater kingdom impact through “planting small.”

  • SESSION 2 – Steps to Becoming a Planting Church

    You are thinking, dreaming, reading about church planting but you wonder what it takes to become a church planting church. In this session, practitioners who have recently multiplied will talk about the challenges, the road-block, and the joys of becoming a church-planting church.

  • SESSION 3 – Growing By Sending

  • Presenters include: Blair Allen, Hugh Morrison, Norm Funk & Ed Stetzer

#6 | Gospel-Centred Youth Ministry

Most statistics you read will tell you that somewhere around 80% of youth leave the church after high school. Why is that? How do we fight against that in our Youth ministries? How do we help our youth come to a clear understanding of who Jesus is and what He’s done for them? In these breakouts, we’ll look at developing a gospel-centered youth ministry philosophy and learn how to pragmatically walk in that vision. If you’re a pastor/leader serving in Youth ministry or a Lead pastor/planter considering launching a Youth ministry in the coming years, join us to learn ways to serve your Youth in in a grace-driven, Jesus-glorifying way.

  • SESSION 1 – Developing a Gospel-Centred Youth Ministry Philosophy

    One of the most important foundations for any Youth Ministry is a biblical understanding of a gospel-centred Youth ministry philosophy. We need to understand the why’s and how’s of Youth ministry before we can move on to the what’s of Youth ministry – because discipling our Youth is more than pizza and purity rings. We must move beyond dodgeball and inspirational talks. We must help our youth understand the gospel of Jesus, be in community, and live on mission. In this breakout, we’ll spend time looking at how to develop a gospel-centred Youth ministry philosophy and how to let that philosophy frame how your organize your ministry.

  • SESSION 2 – Hype to Habit

    What is the role of the 21st century Youth Minister? To be a plaid-clad hype man (or woman)? Graphic designer? Strategic thinker adept in networking?

    350 years ago, Richard Baxter wrote, “The Reformed Pastor” as a rebuke to his wandering contemporaries. While many ‘Lead’ and ‘Senior’ Pastors have learned from Baxter, perhaps his rebuke is most timely for those of us who work with youth.

    In our time together we’ll look at regular pastoral rhythms and disciplines that are in any faithful ministry. We’ll see that Baxter’s vision is both God glorifying and refreshingly simplistic in an age where style and hype is often valued over substance and habit.

  • SESSION 3 – Resources and Panel Q+A

    In this breakout, we’ll give resources, tips, and practical help for anyone serving in Youth ministry and spend time answering questions from our sessions together.

  • Presenters include: Joseph Peterson and Jake LeFave